The USA Propertyshelf Listing Service brings to the United States a proven marketing and listing management service that is helping to raise our status as real-estate professionals to a higher level.

The Propertyshelf Real Estate Gateway is an Internet-based system for sharing information on properties for sale in the US. Real-estate professionals, lawyers, developers, local and national government agencies and banking professionals use this system to:

  • Expose their properties to all of the USA and international buyers in 8 languages
  • Find properties that their buyers may be interested in
  • Cooperate with other real-estate professionals to bring together buyers and sellers
  • Research market trends to aid in planning and marketing
  • Support due-diligence when determining the sale ability of properties
  • Find information on properties sold to better evaluate the market-value of properties for their sellers
  • Effectively manage properties online for Agents and Real Estate Developers

Propertyshelf's listing management and marketing service supports real estate professionals in moving to a new level of cooperation. Subscribers to the system agree to a code of ethics that includes honest dealings and cooperation. When all listings are available to all buyers, the result is many more sales. When real estate professionals cooperate in a sale – one professional bringing the seller, the other bringing the buyer – everyone wins. Buyers find properties they love, sellers sell more quickly and real estate professionals close many more deals. Even though the commission is split, the result is a significant increase in income for all involved parties due to the higher volume of sales.

Propertyshelf USA Listing Service uses world-class software created via collaboration between seasoned, highly successful real-estate professionals and the top-notch system developers at Propertyshelf.

Contact a Propertyshelf representative now to experience for yourself the benefits of working with the global Propertyshelf Listing System.